What Others Say About Us

See below what our clients and employees have to say about working with Legacy Consulting.


Jeff & Anna Jones

Legacy Consulting has exceeded my expectations in so many ways! As a business owner, it is essential to find knowledgeable and trustworthy professionals who can help you succeed- Legacy was that solution for us! Donna and her team have transformed many areas of our business including billing, collections, compliance, staffing, budgeting, and so much more! Everyone we’ve worked with at Legacy has been polite, efficient, and an expert in their field… and such a pleasure to work with!!! With their help, not only has our bottom line improved, our processes have been streamlined, and our stress level minimized- what an outstanding formula for success! I highly recommend Legacy Consulting for all types of business owners, regardless of your consulting needs.

Dennis Fitzpatrick, Chief Finanical Officer

Donna was a billing manager responsible for $15M in annual cash collections. Due to Donna’s management capacity, healthcare reimbursement knowledge, information technology skill set, human resource acumen and energy level, her …responsibility grew fivefold. Throughout this career growth phase, Donna thoroughly execute on all key initiatives in the revenue cycle management area for the Company. The strong cash flow generation resulting from Donna’s leadership provided capital for the Company to continue its business development expansion.

Donna is also a person who displays great character and integrity. During the course of our work experience, I developed a complete sense of trust in her decision making process regarding business issues and employee development. In my twenty plus years of health care experience, it is rare to find an executive that is so well rounded.

Tracy L. Causey, Senior RVP Operations

Drayer Physical Therapy

I have known Donna…professionally and personally… I worked collaboratively with Donna problem solving between field operations and revenue cycle management.

From 2001 to current, Donna has played an integral part of the leadership team to adapt to growth through acquisitions, mergers, and recent outsourcing decisions. These years offered Donna experience with personnel management, revenue cycle management, and diversity in health care business model.

Peg Lentz O’Donnell

Principal, O’Donnell Consulting

I have had the privilege and the opportunity to work with and to learn from Donna Carter-White. Our working relationship began in 2001 when the company in which I was a founding partner acquired Rehab Associates. During the due diligence phase of the acquisition the entire team was impressed with the organization and proficiency with which Donna ran the billing operation. She was much more than a billing executive and was involved in every aspect of the Rehab Associates business. Her expertise extended into the operations and the clinical aspects of the business. The growth in the business and the contractual and referral relationships were due in a large measure to Donna’s business development efforts. She assisted in the tremendous growth in the marketplace of Rehab Associates and continued in this role being the contact with all of the major payers and clients. The performance of the billing operation and Donna’s oversight of that area made Rehab Associates a valuable addition to the Benchmark enterprise.

When the acquisition was finalized, the focus was on integrating as much of the business in the Montgomery office under Donna’s leadership. This enabled the company to consolidate many of the existing billing operations into the Montgomery Central Billing Office. Donna has proven herself to be an outstanding executive. Her organization skills as well as her written and oral communication skills are outstanding. She is as at home in a board room as she is working side by side with her billing staff. She makes it a practice to understand and to bring insight and innovation into each area for which she is responsible. She always presents herself in a professional and confident manner and she has an innate ability to establish trust among both her subordinates, senior management and her clients. Her leadership skills are outstanding and she has the loyal support of her staff. She thinks outside the box and is constantly improving and refining the processes. Her cash to revenue goals are always met and exceeded and she monitors and controls costs keeping her cost per visit for billing well below the national average.

Reed Semcken

We searched extensively for the right credentialing and billing partner for our telepsychiatry startup, ultimately deciding that Legacy was the most knowledgeable and cost efficient option for us and that decision has been rewarded on an almost daily basis.  Donna and her team are experts in the credentialing and contracting space, able to not only get our providers in network with major insurance payers as well as FHCPs but have become our go-to source of guidance as we negotiate with the payers and plan the optimal way to structure our organization to make it as accessible to those who are paying with insurance as possible.

They are professional, results oriented, swift and personable.  I would recommend the Legacy team to anyone who is looking to initiate or optimize their insurance credentialing, contracting or billing operation!

Dr. Diem Yeung

Owner, DHY Rehab

I’ve switched my billing over to Legacy Consulting Services since March of this year [2019] and I can’t be more pleased with everything.  Jennifer has made the transition so easy and the entire team has been available to answer any of my questions or concerns.  I’d highly recommend Legacy consulting services for physician billing.

Jimmy Norman

Administrator, Surgical Clinic PC

Based on the recommendation of a colleague, we reached out to Legacy Consulting to help us with the credentialing for our new surgeon.  Donna, Jennifer and the rest of their team exceeded our expectations in getting all the major payors provider numbers prior to our new doctor starting.  We will definitely use them again and would highly recommend them for all of your credentialing needs.

Nancy Thomas

Clinical Network Manager, New Directions Behavioral Health

Expert, honest, and dedicated team for revenue cycles, billing and coding in health care. Also amazing at the forensic discovery of problems in claims and revenue cycle!

Amy Fisher

We have used Legacy Consulting for several credentialing projects. They have been extremely knowledgeable, thorough and timely in their responses. They have taken a challenging process and made it streamlined and easy for me as an administrator. We highly recommend them!

Brett Schmerge

Legacy Consulting Services is very professional and attentive to our needs. They are an excellent resource as they perform many services for our medical practice. They are very responsive, knowledgeable and their customer service is unmatched with attention to detail at every level. In addition, they have been able to collect much of our receivables. I would recommend Legacy Consulting Services to anyone.

Hamilton Moore

Practice Administrator, Internal Medicine Associates

Going live on an EHR for the first time is a major undertaking.  Switching from one EHR to another, however, is a whole new ballgame, and one for which there isn’t a ton of collective industry experience.  Donna White and Jennifer Geoppinger led our practice confidently through the EHR selection and contract negotiation process to help ensure we were making the best decision for our present and future needs.  Where they truly earned their keep, however, was in the implementation phase.  They helped us construct a doable, yet aggressive, implementation timeline and made sure we stayed on track with no unexpected A/R delays.  Their razor-sharp project management skills combined with their A/R management and technical knowledge were the ideal combination for our project.  Since go-live, Jennifer remains involved in our team to make sure we are fully leveraging the investment we made.

Stephen O. Edwards

COO, Patrick Henry Family Services

We are fast approaching our one-year anniversary, and although I wish circumstances with HFT Counseling had been different, I am truly glad that Legacy Consulting was there for us. Internal flags with our HFT ministry arose in the spring of 2015. In the fall of 2015, we initiated our search for a medical practice audit firm.

The Legacy proposal stood out not only for the skills and expertise offered, but more so for the strong alignment of Christ-centered values between Legacy and Patrick Henry Family Services. Your Legacy team quickly verified our concerns and diligently dug in to completely diagnose the situation; they met with clinicians, staff, and constituents to thoroughly assess the severity of the problem; produced comprehensive reports and analysis; and provided a comprehensive corrective action plan.

Without reservation, The Legacy Consulting Team was outstanding in their work for Patrick Henry Family Services. You were thorough, detailed, professional, and a “friend” when we needed one. The results were outstanding and timely. With Legacy, we have a bright future!

Former CFO

Warren Memorial Hospital

I first heard about Legacy Consulting from a trusted friend in the industry. Now after more than 8 months and several successful projects later, I have recommended their services to other local hospitals in the area. We are so confident about Legacy Consulting’s abilities we have turned over our patient account billing to them for processing.

Shyanne Scholl

Physician Clinic Manager, Warren Memorial Hospital

Our facility began using Legacy Consulting Services when we struggled with timely claims and denials in addition to little cash flow.  From the beginning, our experiences with the staff have consistently been handled in a highly professional manner.  Legacy has even taken the time to better educate our staff on appropriate processes for quicker payment turn around resulting in more cash flow for our facility.   A consistent team from Legacy is the same team working our facility revenue items day in and out.  This provides diligent support and attention to our accounts by the same people instead of a new person each day.  Our facility has been able to lower our Accounts Receivable days to 25.

Jeff Yelton

Serial Entrepreneur

I have had the great pleasure of knowing and interfacing with Donna and Legacy Consulting Services over the past several years. We have worked collectively on bringing to bear innovative services and technology solutions in both the healthcare and dental verticals. Donna’s expertise in Revenue Cycle Management and being a servant leader are apparent in the practices she represents. Beyond her subject matter expertise, she is a powerful advocate on behalf of her clients who constantly seeks to bring innovative and collaborative means to an ever changing healthcare landscape. I would not hesitate to recommend Donna and Legacy Consulting Services. I look forward to continually partnering with her in the future.

Christine Bursaw

Clinical Informatics & HIM Manager, Kearney Regional Medical Center

A brand-new acute care hospital has many large projects to complete in order to successfully open for business. Arguably one of the most important systems to effectively implement is the electronic medical record (EMR). The successful implementation of an EMR is reliant on many factors, such as gathering information to build the initial system options, which is dependent on understanding how the EMR will use the preferences. Legacy Consulting was instrumental to our organization in this way, with their comprehensive knowledge of NextGen Inpatient Solution products.

Another key to successful EMR implementation is management of the overall project. Clear communication channels between the EMR vendor and staff in each of the hospital’s departments is essential. Without this an organization can expect to miss major deadlines or submit incomplete or inaccurate information to the vendor, causing substandard system performance and/or delay a planned Go Live date. Legacy’s Project Management support helped ensure that our organization met important project deadlines and successfully went Live with a fully operational system on our goal date.

Finally, no matter how careful the planning, a new organization can expect to make a significant amount of changes from the conceptualized state of EMR use pre-Go Live to the actuality of system use in a fully functional hospital after the facility opens its doors. These changes require a substantial amount of system maintenance work. Our organization would not have been able to accomplish high priority changes in an efficient manner without the continued support of Legacy Consulting in the immediate post-implementation period.

If you are an organization facing a significant project involving NextGen Inpatient Solutions, you could not find a better business partner than Legacy Consulting Services.

Former Central Business Office Director

Multiple Critical Access Hospitals

I utilized Legacy Consulting Services when our Centralized Business office for 8 Critical Access facilities was going live on a new HIS system. We reached out to Legacy Consulting Services for guidance with the HIS platform we were transitioning to and extra man power that was needed during this conversion to set up dictionaries and tables. If it was not for [Legacy Consulting’s] expertise and diligence with completing tasks we would have never made our go live date. Even after going live, we reached out to them for their expertise and if they didn’t already know the answer, they had connections to get me the answer I needed to move forward. We had weekly and sometime daily calls to make sure the project was on task. I will utilize Legacy Consulting Services in the future when needs arise.

Ida Danyo

Allied Dental Practices

We have an invaluable partnership with Legacy Consulting. Donna White and her team have successfully increased our collections from 85 to 97% companywide. Legacy Consulting has given Allied Dental a personalized, site-specific overview of processes, management and current production on a day-to-day basis. Implementing and maintaining fee schedules with their guidance has allowed us growth that would have otherwise not been possible. Legacy Consulting’s innovative skills led them to create systems that allow our company to track and measure growth in an efficient and detailed manner. In addition to their technical proficiencies, Donna and her team have become an extension of our family at Allied Dental.

Thank you Donna and your team for your expertise!

Tim Leffler, Chief Information Officer

Pentec Health

I worked closely with Donna Carter (White) from 2002 through 2009, at both Benchmark Medical and Physiotherapy Associates, helping grow those two companies through significant merger acquisition activity. Donna is a seasoned Revenue Cycle Management professional with a deep understanding of healthcare reimbursement practices. She successfully built and managed the company’s most successful reimbursement operation…

Shiela Sennett

Sr. Director of Office Operations, ATI Physical Therapy

In 2005, I had the opportunity to take on the role of Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management for Benchmark Medical. Donna White was a Director of Reimbursement and reported directly to me at the time I took on this role. Over the following four years, Donna supported me in too many ways to count. For me, she was not only a trusted employee, but also a collaborator and teacher. Her many years of managing all aspects of the revenue cycle brought a depth of expertise not frequently seen in the industry. Additionally, leadership and management appeared to be natural talents of Donna’s. She quickly earned the respect of her employees and peers by combining this expertise with her excellent communication and leadership skills. Donna managed a very large billing and collections operation, overseeing more than a hundred associates. She consistently met and exceeded collections targets, while maintaining a low cost of collections. She understood the importance of maintaining positive relationships with the clinical and operational leaders in the organization and promoted customer service in all she did. Donna has always been on the cutting edge and has quickly adopted new technology to streamline her operations. She has an exceptional ability to assess processes, analyze results, and continually adapt operations to enhance quality and efficiency.

Garry Grayson

Founder of IOP Services LLC

As the founder of IOP Services LLC I have worked with the Legacy staff in detail. IOP Services is an outpatient behavioral health facility and its launch required licensure through a CON board, Joint Commission accreditation, then Credentialing , rate negotiation, and contracting with key insurance companies. Legacy was responsible for the payor portion of the project. Simply put, they made a very daunting project look easy. Communication was always immediate and clear. The results exceeded expectations.

Bright Tiger Dental

Legacy Consulting Services, Donna and her team have been amazing to work with! Their industry knowledge and expertise helped us both streamline our payment posting processes and decrease our days in AR. They have been attentive to our needs, responsive, professional and most importantly, reliable. Thank you for being a true business partner!

Codie Khoury

In consultation with Legacy Consulting Services, our company recently completed a project to bring our multi-site billing team in-house. This has gone off without a hitch and we couldn't be happier.
As someone with little prior knowledge in this field, my first step was finding good consultants to help lay the foundation for the project (and much more!). Legacy Consulting completely blew us away with their knowledge base, professionalism, communication, responsiveness, and resources. My knowledge base was small enough that I had concerns I wouldn't be able to even get across what we needed to do, but they knew exactly what we needed, and knew the things that I didn't know we didn't know! They anticipated our needs and were always a step ahead.
Legacy is extremely thorough and walked us through every step of the way, including support with hiring and interviewing. I would recommend them, and will be, to anyone who feels in "over their head" in the world of medical billing!
Thank you to Donna, Jennifer and the team!


Melissa Angerhofer

Reimbursement Manager

I remember the first time I talked with Donna. She was interviewing me over the phone for a position with many unknowns. During the interview she mentioned that she was starting a new company and she was in need of people who could buy into the vision and adapt as time progressed. Donna expressed the level of risk involved, but she also expressed the reward. Not a moment goes by where I regret answering that phone call. The opportunity for growth within this company is endless and my life is a testament to that. Prior to working for Legacy, I worked for a company where the growth was minimal. I felt like a hamster, constantly spinning my wheels and going nowhere. Legacy has provided me a vehicle to achieve my goals and growth potential. Thank you Donna for allowing me the opportunity to work for and with you. What an amazing journey!

Sally Wiggins

Revenue Cycle Consultant

Legacy is truly a wonderful place to work, filled with dedicated employees focused on teamwork and collaboration. The growth that Legacy has been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time is remarkable, and I’m thrilled to be a part it – and hope to stay here for many, many more years to come!

Hillary Jimenez


Working at Legacy has been a wonderful experience for me. Donna always makes me feel that not only is my career advancement important to her but that my personal growth is very important to her as well. I can honestly say we have the best team a company could ask for and that we all work extremely hard to leave our Legacy with every client/person that we come in contact with.  I feel important and significant  in my job here at Legacy and I feel very blessed to be a part of our team. Thank you Mrs. Donna for giving us a place of work that rarely feels like a job!

Elizabeth Jennings

Motion PT Management CFO

"We have worked with the team from Legacy Consulting for over four years to provide analysis and detailed metrics related to revenue cycle management. The level of service and support, as well as the accurate and timely data, have greatly enhanced our overall revenue and collection functions. Legacy is a great partner and we look forward to successful relationship for the future.”