Reimbursement Analysis

Don’t leave money on the table by getting complacent with the chargemaster. The chargemaster is at the heart of the billing and coding processes, so analyze and update the chargemaster annually to maximize your reimbursements.

Ensure you’re charging enough for your services to maximize reimbursement

If you charge less than what a payor is willing to pay, they will only reimburse the lesser charge amount and you’re missing out on the difference in charges. Our analysts perform comprehensive Chargemaster Reviews to ensure you’re charging enough for your services. 

We take your utilization report, look at the top 20-50 codes for the practice and map those codes to all available fee schedules for the practice. We then assess whether the chargemaster is an accurate representation of what payors are reimbursing you, or if you should revise your charges. We assist in updating your system charges for you to ensure everything is up-to-date, based on your current fee schedules. We recommend loading fee schedules into the practice management system so you can track what payors are paying and compare to your chargemaster, and we assist with this process. You are likely losing cash if you don’t know whether you are being paid your contracted rates.

We’ll also offer you expert advice about whether it’s time for your fee schedules to be renegotiated with our Contract Negotiation services. Don’t lose money by being one of the many offices that neglect to review your contracts annually. Hire us to perform a reimbursement analysis and to review your contracts every year and realize a significant return on your investment.

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