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Service Spotlight: Payment Posting and Denials Management

Getting your reimbursement from payors is key to any successful practice. However, ensuring those payments are posted accurately and denials are worked promptly, can not only make a huge difference in your cash flow, but your practice’s overall financial health. Why is timely payment posting so important? When payments are posted within 24-48 hours of …

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Service Spotlight: Insurance Verification & PreCertification Services

Service Spotlight: Insurance Verification & Pre-Certification Services

Many practices can get by with electronic batch billing through their EHR. This is a simple service that 2-3 days prior to the patient’s appointment, eligibility is checked to verify that the patient has active coverage. This system delivers a report of those who kick back without current coverage, so your registration team may reach …

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denials management

Denials Management

What exactly is denials management? What are the benefits of tracking and managing your denials? Who should be tracking your denials rate? In today’s blog, we’re going to explore these questions. Denials Management Denials management is the process of reporting on received denials on a regular timetable, usually set by executive management. Be it weekly …

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medical nec denial

Understanding Medical Necessity Denials

As a consultant my ultimate goal is to help everyone of my clients understand their revenue cycle and one of the most common snags I find are medical necessity denials. Medical Necessity Denials flow downhill as it is the responsibility of a Medical Professional to accurately document their encounters with a patient. From the Provider’s documentation, …

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