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How do Denials Impact my Reimbursement?

Denials management is a critical, yet challenging part of the revenue cycle management process.  Knowing how many denials are occurring and the denial reasons is an important step towards improving the denials process.  It is also important to monitor denials and their causes through denial reporting to make improvements in the revenue cycle. Understaffed or …

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Denials: The Growing Concern

Denials are a fact of life for every medical practice. From demographic errors to medical necessity, denials come in easy to fix solutions and time-consuming levels of appeal. A recent article from the Healthcare Finance News website ( noted that hospitals in particular “wrote off as uncollectable 90% more denials than 6 years ago.” The …

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Working Common Denials (part 1)

Depending on your practice, there may be several types of top denials. In today’s article, we are going to review best practices for follow up on some of the most common denials, regardless of specialty. Coverage Termed/Expired Per the EOB, the patient’s service denied as Coverage Termed or Expired at the time of the service. …

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From Patient to Consumer: How to Improve Patient Collections

Today patients have some of the highest deductibles and out of pocket expenses in history. Patients also typically take twice as long as insurance companies to pay on their bills, and even then, it is usually only a portion of the balance. Practices and Hospitals that can make a shift of thinking about their patients …

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