Managing your company’s finances is a cornerstone to growth and success or ultimately managing the business.

Most small businesses already have enough on their plate – that’s where we come in! Let us help you develop a roadmap and minimize expenses to grow your bottom line.

We specialize in helping you build and maintain your financial records, and we understand that the process of keeping and managing these records can be time-consuming. Legacy Consulting can handle your Bookkeeping or Accounts Payable processes from invoicing, to writing checks, dealing with vendors, monthly bank reconciliation or collecting on accounts receivable and outstanding invoices. We provide bookkeeping and accounts payable support to save you time and money, by making sure your accounting gets done the right way every time. We ensure that your bookkeeping is organized, so you can see the big picture for your company and grow the business.

Ask Yourself:

• Do you need help with setting up or cleaning up your accounting software?

• Are you struggling with outdated financial reports?

• Can we help you with online bill pay setup or monthly bookkeeping services?

• Is it difficult to find the right staff member to handle accounts payable in your office?

• Do you need help with cash flow management, budgeting or cash forecasting?

We are familiar with Freshbooks, QuickBooks, Quicken, Great Plains and other accounting systems.

Legacy can either work with your current bookkeeping staff, provide full charge bookkeeping services or assist for a short term project. We offer a wide range of bookkeeping services and believe that every business can benefit from a customized plan that is right for their business.

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