Making the First Impression to Patients

As the new year begins, it is imperative to make sure your office is making the right first-impression to your patients, both established and new.


By 2019, most practices should have their own website. But does it have everything you need to ensure patients get the information they are looking for when they come to your website? Why should they go to your practice vs. another?

Have a brief, but detailed bio for each provider in the practice. Include something personal in the bio to make the provider more relatable to the prospective patient. Also, if you have a smaller practice, consider having photos of your medical and office staff on the website as well.

Try to include photos of your actual office rather than stock photos found online for free, or even purchased. People review a website before picking up the phone to obtain the most information they can before investing in a product or service. You want people to recognize authenticity from your site.

Often overlooked, make sure your address and phone number are easily found on every page of your website. It may be best to make it a part of your header or menu design that remains at the top of each page.

Consider having an area for forms where new patients can download their new patient paperwork. Patients can then fill out their paperwork at home and come prepared for their visit. This will reduce waiting times for the patient and ease some of the stress of their first visit.

If your practice has not already done so, consider meeting with a web design consultant or firm to have your website reviewed for key topics and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEO is key to how your website is found during keyword searches.

A well-developed website is just one part of the first-impression your patients have. We will continue with additional suggestions for your office in our next blog.

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