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Have you heard of the DISC system before? It is a behavioral assessment tool based on the theories of psychologist William Moulton Marston (fun fact: the same man that invented the lie detector test and created the Wonder Woman comics in the 1940’s!). The following article will cover the four personality types of the DISC personality assessments, and how to identify them in workplace meetings.

D – Dominance

D’s tend to dominate any discussion that occurs. They may think things through too fast before finding out all the facts. They may like to be in charge of the meeting, even if they are not formally running the meeting. A D is usually on time and well prepared for the meeting topic.

I – Inducement

I’s participate openly and freely but are easily distracted. To others, they may appear chaotic and disorganized. They are usually less prepared and “wing it” by relying on strong verbal skills. I’s tend to be late as well. They would do better to listen more and then talk at the end of the meeting.

S – Submission

S’s are typically on time, but slow to participate. They do not like to be in charge. They will have a formal agenda when they are in charge of running a meeting. S’s need to be asked for their input, or they may not talk and keep good ideas to themselves. They definitely shy away from confrontation and heated debates. In fact, they will end meetings to avoid conflict.

C – Compliance

C’s are always on time and well prepared. These personality types tend to bring a lot of data to a meeting. They may take too long to get to the point and give presentations that are too detailed. They may get bogged down in details when running a meeting. C’s also have difficulty reaching flexible decisions.

It helps to learn the different personality types you may be dealing with in business meetings to know how best to communicate with them and anticipate how they will respond.

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