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Donna White

Donna White

By Donna White, Principal Consultant and Owner of Legacy Consulting Services and Legacy Billing Solutions in Montgomery, Alabama.

One of the lesser-known offerings of Legacy is working with EHR and PM Systems. Of course, we can help implement new systems and have worked with dozens of systems. We can, however, also assist in an analysis of your current system and help with any potential issues that may be bogging your system down.
The most common issue we see in systems that have been in place for a year or more are duplicate insurance companies. With most payors eligible for electronic submission, the need for multiple entries with multiple claims addresses is unnecessary. We can review your system for duplicates, identify the plans to be merged or inactivated and make sure patients are attached to the correct insurance.
Duplicate Accounts
This most often occurs when there are multiple locations, or in dental practices where there are general and specialty dentists. For most systems, this duplication is not necessary. We can review your system set up, determine if multiple accounts are needed, and work with your system vendor to find the best way to merge the duplicate accounts into one so there is no loss of information.
Procedure Code/Chargemaster
Does your EHR vendor have something in place to inactivate CPT/CDT codes that are created and inactivated from one year to the next? We can make sure your Procedure Code Master has the most up to date CPT or CDT codes. This will reduce invalid code denials.
Working with your Charge Master or Fee Schedule, as some systems call it, should be done annually. A review of your current fee schedules compared to what you are charging for each CPT or CDT code should be done to ensure charges are going out with the possibility of maximum reimbursement.
There are many other system clean up projects we can do, including inventory and supplies, provider set up, clean up of staff no longer with the company, loading fee schedules, etc. Reach out to Legacy today to see how we can make your EHR or PM system more efficient!

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