Benefits of Being Mentored

Every great leader has been led greatly. To truly become the leaders we are capable of being, we need others who can pour into our lives and bring greatness out of us.

Everyone needs a mentor. Here’s three reasons why:

They can see your blind spots.

Great mentors can help you see things in you that you cannot see in yourself. This is great for two reasons. As a leader, you have habits that need to be removed or refined. You also have habits that need you need to be both encouraged and empowered in. Great mentors can see both in you, the good and the bad, and help you take the next steps to either deal with those things or develop in them.

They can help you navigate uncertainty.

Life has more than it’s fair share of uncertain situations. Without help, these uncertain situations can become a powerful source of stress in our lives. Great mentors can see these situations in a way that we can’t, able to filter out emotions and desires and see the situation for what it truly is.

When uncertainty comes our way, great mentors can at the minimum point us in the right direction to help us continue moving forward.

They can let you borrow their experience.

The best mentors keep us from making mistakes by letting us into the life that they’ve lived and borrowing that life experience to discern what the best decision is. Simply put, being mentored means that we can avoid mistakes we would normally make, because we can learn from their decisions and shape ours accordingly.

Who can you reach out to today to help you grow as a leader?


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