The Problem with Passion: Three Habits to Help you Stay Passionate

A common theme among great leaders is passion. No great leader has accomplished great things without having a passion for what they were doing. Many of us as leaders have found this to be true for ourselves because we’ve realized that to do all that we want to do, we have to be passionate about what we’re doing. Passion isn’t perfect, however. Passion has a problem.

The problem with passion is that the same passion that drives us to work hard can also drive us to develop habits that steal our passion. Passion is easier to come by than it is to keep. Without the right habits in place, we can lose our passion and our chance to make a great impact.

What habits do we need to stay passionate?

Rest Regularly

Rest is essential to keeping us passionate. A continual lack of rest is one of the greatest enemies to living a life passionately, because we as humans have been built to rest. Many studies have shown the affect that lack of rest can have on our well-being, performance, and personal desire.

As said by Arianna Huffington of Thrive Global, “In just two weeks of getting six hours of sleep per night, the performance drop-off is the same as in someone who has gone twenty-four hours without sleep. For those getting just four hours, the impairment is equivalent to that of going forty-eight hours without sleep.”

Rest is essential to staying passionate. So shut down your laptop, turn off your phone, and turn in early tonight.

Recharge Often

When was the last time you had fun or did something you love to do? How long has it been since you turned off your phone and played a round of golf? Or sat down to read a book?

Leadership is dangerous in that we can become so consumed in our work that we forget that we’re human with human needs. One of those needs as a human is to do things that return energy to us. The idea that we can work continually, non-stop, for seven days a week is not only false but also incredibly detrimental our level of passion. In fact, I believe that more can be done in six days of work and one day of rest than in seven straight days of work.

Many people have a hard time doing things that are fun because they feel guilty or they feel like something will go undone. Truthfully, more will go undone if we don’t recharge than if we do.

What do you need to recharge this week? For some people, that’s vegging out and watching television. For others, it’s going for a run. Some people like to work with their hands. Whatever it is, find time to recharge this week.

Remember Your Purpose

Every person needs a purpose, because purpose is what fuels passion. Without a sense of purpose, we can easily lose our passion. The question we all need to ask regularly is, “What was I made for?” For some of us, that’s the job we’re working today. For others, our job is a fundraiser for our purpose. Whatever our purpose may be, we have to be diligent in keeping it in front of us every day, lest we forget that we’re here on this earth for a reason and lose our passion in the process.

What change do you need to make to make you sure you keep your passion this week?

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