Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

Ever have the feeling that something you were saying wasn’t coming across the way that you wanted it to?

I’ve been there. And what I’ve noticed is that how I say something is just as important as what I say. I can have all the good intentions in the world but none of it matters if my demeanor doesn’t match my intentions.

When we can match our demeanor to our intention, we can simplify the path to success in communication. Let me share three tips with you on how to improve your demeanor when you communicate:

Smile before you say anything.

This is a simple idea, but it’s so important. Humans are hardwired to respond to positively to smiles, and smiling is the ultimate tool for disarming any tense situation. I’ve learned in many seasons of life that smiling before I speak has a tremendous impact on how what I say is perceived by the person I’m speaking to.

Maintain Eye Contact

This can be hard for driven people because we tend to have many things going on in our mind all at the same time. Maintaining eye contact communicates value to the person that we’re talking to because it shows that we’re keenly focused on what they’re saying to us. Avoid the desire to look around or focus on what you need to do next. Give 100% of your attention to whoever you’re communicating with.

Check Your Body Language

One of the most overlooked aspects of communication is body language. Crossing our arms or putting our hands behind the back communicates just as much as the words that we say. The best kind of body language is open body language. Try to keep your hands by your side. If they’re out in front, position them in such a way that keeps them from being offensive and closed off.

Simple things make an enormous difference when it comes to communicate. Give these three things a try this week and see how they make an impact on how you lead.


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