Client Testimonial: Dennis Fitzpatrick

Here is a testimony from Dennis Fitzpatrick on his experience working with Legacy Consulting Services:

“I have had the pleasure of having a business relationship with Donna White over the past fifteen years. In the area of health care reimbursement and revenue cycle management, Donna is uniquely qualified to maximize performance for her clients. Her reimbursement knowledge and strong information technology skills allow her to drive process and automation advancement to improve cash flow and internal controls over the revenue cycle function.

For the past four years, I have been the CFO of Allied Dental. Upon my arrival, I needed to convert from cash basis accounting to accrual basis. I first tested the revenue cycle and learned that the Company was collecting approximately 86% of production. With that information, I began to test what was causing the revenue cycle problems. First, fee schedules were inaccurate. Second, the process was not consistent and too manual among the twenty five decentralized offices. Third, there was little training or support for the billing personnel in the offices. As a result, large offices or offices with a less qualified billing and collections person often performed poorly.

I engaged Donna White of Legacy Consulting. Initially, she did consulting work for me to begin to tackle the problem. Over time, she scaled up the business with a strong, well trained reimbursement team to perform a major overhaul of the revenue cycle function to include the following:

1) For offices with the largest A/R balances and worst collection to production ratios, Legacy tested open claims and found no claim on file in many cases. All these claims were refiled electronically, and we mandated electronic filing across the platform.

2) We centralized claim generation and patient statements with Donna’s team in Alabama, and saw vast improvement in collections rates.

3) Legacy completed a fee schedule and payment table project. This drove accurate production, and made A/R follow up and payment posting more productive and efficient.

After these efforts, our collections to production rate has been steady at 97% for two years. Approximately $2M in claims annually that fell through the cracks historically have now been collected. This has pleased our dentists as it has increased their compensation. As CFO, I have a much better revenue cycle process with proper internal controls.

While I would like to say that Donna has exceeded my expectations, my fifteen year history with her gave me confidence that our results would be this good! I am glad to have Donna as a business partner and friend! I would give the Legacy team my unqualified recommendation to improve any health care business with their revenue cycle function.”

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