Service Spotlight: PM & EHR Implementation

Donna White

Donna White

By Donna White, Principal Consultant and Owner of Legacy Consulting Services and Legacy Billing Solutions in Montgomery, Alabama.

EMR and ProviderBy now, your practice has either decided to go with an Electronic Health Record, or EHR, or just remain on paper and take the increasing Medicare cuts over the next few years. However, many hopped on the EHR bandwagon early on. Perhaps your system is working smoothly. Or maybe you are ready for a change. Maybe it is time for a new EHR Implementation.

An article on Healthcare IT News summarizes the findings from a 2015 AMA study of providers that shows a large decrease in provider satisfaction with their systems.

To summarize the findings: 42 percent of physicians thought their EHR’s ability to improve efficiency was difficult to very difficult; 72 percent believed their EHR made it difficult to very difficult to decrease their workload; 54 percent reported that their EHR increased total operating costs; 43 percent claimed they hadn’t overcome productivity challenges related to their EHR.

Time for a change?

Have you been on your system for 3 or more years, and still have to do some charting on paper? Do you scan that into the system or go back later and enter it into your Progress Note? Can you easily tell where your patient is in the office by looking at a schedule or dashboard? Think about your office workflow – is your EHR helping or hindering that workflow?

As daunting as it may sound, it may be time to change your EHR. Transition and change is never easy, but with an experienced project manager to keep vendors and staff on track, a successful transition is possible. Legacy has experienced project managers familiar with dozens of systems. We can help evaluate your practice to determine the best EHR value for your price point. We can even assist with negotiating your final contract.



Most EHR vendors offer their own project manager to track the steps of implementing a new system. But who will help manage your staff through the process? Who will ask the right questions to ensure your system is set up properly to ensure not only ease of use, but more effective reporting after the fact? There are dozens of questions and system set up issues that our project managers can handle to ensure minimal downtime and little impact to revenue at Go Live.

Clean Up

Perhaps your current system is salvageable. After all, why change if you can improve what you already have? Our project managers and system implementation teams can review your current system set up, current templates, and reports to see if a system clean up project can create the efficiency your staff is looking for – both on the clinical and financial sides. They can also do a special file maintenance project to clean up your system to ensure accurate system tables.

So whether you are looking to change your EHR all together, or are just ready for a good system cleaning, Legacy Consulting Services has the staff and tools you need to make sure it is done right the first time, with minimal impact to your revenue.

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