Mastermind Events: Changing the way you grow

PotentialLeadership and workplace development is a key factor for success in today’s workplace. Mastermind events are a way to help grow your staff, both personally and professionally. Legacy Consulting recently completed one such Mastermind Event with its employees. This Mastermind Event was titled “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth.”

Growth. It’s something we all want to do. Be it in our families, our careers, even ourselves. Legacy Consulting employee and Mastermind attendee Amber Mancil states she signed up because she “was seeking an opportunity for growth, and with all the positive feedback from the group that went to the John Maxwell conference in Birmingham prior to the classes commencing, I figured having  it here at work made the most sense. Also, I wanted to share my desires with other like-minded co-workers and learn more about what it meant to genuinely grow.”

But there are numerous “Growth Gaps” we have to rise above to begin the growth process. Some may assume we automatically grow, while others feel it isn’t the right time or perhaps they don’t know where to start. Some may even compare themselves to others and feel like they are “less” or they may fear failure.

“If Rome wasn’t built in a day, how long are you willing to give yourself?”

It’s about asking the big scary questions: Where do you want to go in life? How long will it take? John Maxwell, the author of this course, makes the point, “If Rome wasn’t built in a day, how long are you willing to give yourself?” You must decide which is stronger, your desire to grow or your fear of failure. Amber quickly realized “that the class was going to be incredibly introspective and slightly uncomfortable. The kind of questions that were being posed meant having to really learn to view myself objectively in order to determine how to develop my growth.”Personal Growth

This event also helps you to get to know a little bit more about you. We all often think we know what we want, but when we sit down and really think
about our strengths, weaknesses, interests, and opportunities – you might just surprise yourself. For Amber, “the most important thing I learned about myself professionally was that my perspective may not always be the best reflection of my true value, and I am often the one who hinders my ability to progress, because as the saying goes, ‘We are our own worst critics.’”  It’s all about finding your passion and your purpose. What makes you tick? What drives you? What makes you feel proud of yourself?

And you don’t have to do it alone. The Mastermind process doesn’t work without a Coach or Mentor. There will be someone there to guide you along the way, but you must choose who in your life can fulfill that role. But on the reverse side, you need to weed out the negativity in your life that could hold you back from your new goals and achievements.

Once you decide to commit to this change, you must stick with it. This is not a process with a finish line. You will always be growing, but you can have benchmarks to achieve. And consistency is key. Amber’s takeaway from the course was a quote from John Maxwell during one of the conference calls she had the ability to participate in during her Mastermind event: “Once you taste significance, success will never satisfy.”

The true challenge of growth comes when you have to consider what you need to “give up to go up.” Considering what it will take to achieve your goals, means deciding what you have to trade off to get there. According to John Maxwell, “We may not always get what we want, but we will always get what we choose.” Amber has advice about someone on the fence about attending a Mastermind event, “There is such enormous potential to make greater connections with fellow co-workers, friends and/or family, and I think any relationship gained is well worth the sacrifice.”


These are just a sampling of the concepts available in the 15 Laws of Growth Mastermind Event. And this is only one of many such events that can be organized for your company or group that is looking for ways to change their lives. Amber can’t wait for the next event coming up at Legacy, Intentional Living, and is “hoping that those who were not able to attend this previous class will have a chance to participate!” Contact Donna White to set up your Mastermind Event today.

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Donna White

By Donna White, Principal Consultant and Owner of Legacy Consulting Services and Legacy Billing Solutions in Montgomery, Alabama.

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