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Donna White

Donna White

By Donna White, Principal Consultant and Owner of Legacy Consulting Services and Legacy Billing Solutions in Montgomery, Alabama.

What's New at Legacy

What’s new for Legacy Consulting? The new year has not only brought about a new look, but more importantly, expanded services we can offer our clients.

We have been very proud of our success since the launch of our original website, but as Legacy has grown, we determined our web presence need to grow as well. We hope you like the new look and maneuverability of our website.

But more importantly – what are some new services that Legacy is able to offer? We’ve expanded our team to include staff proficient with credentialing and payor contracting. This is a critical¬†piece to any practice, but one often neglected, which can end up causing delays in payments. Legacy can handle the multiple applications needed for new providers or new practices for top payors like Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross and many more. We can also work with your clearinghouse to make sure EDI and ERA enrollment is completed in a timely manner to prevent rejections and payment delays.

We have also started working with clients looking to re-negotiate their payor contracts. We’ve been able to be the conduit between the client and the payor to ensure updated contracts will not only increase annual revenue, but can also ensure there are no other changes to the contracts that may negatively impact the practice.

Our new Billing Integrity Audit service has quickly become popular among several clients. With this process, we take a selection of clinician charts for top payors and provide a detailed assessment that reviews everything from documentation to reimbursement. We can then assist in correcting any billing errors or provide training where needed.

Keep an eye on this blog for more about latest industry news, client announcements, and expanded services. And in the comments let us know what services could your practice or organization use to grow your business.

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